What should law firms do with their technology budgets?

Legal tech’s capabilities are constantly expanding. New solutions for nearly every aspect of a firm’s operation are introduced alarmingly. It can take time to figure out where to begin. Management partners, practice leaders, and others often ask how to focus their investment in legal technology best. If you ask ten legal technology experts, you’ll likely receive ten different responses. The best and most straightforward advice is to keep your clients in mind when evaluating potential investments.

Many firms in the ever-changing legal field seek solutions to improve their service to current and prospective clients. In the whitepaper Discerning Customers Are Forcing Firms to Raise Their Games, attorney Jordan Schuetzle tells us that he is a strong supporter of improving operational efficiency, but if pressed, he would invest first in solutions for better-serving clients.

You can implement these solutions to ensure your clients are always at the forefront of your mind.

Finding accurate information faster and streamlining legal research is essential for many firms. Client service, case preparation, strategy, and other functions related to matters demand this. Westlaw Edge is a legal research solution powered by AI. It allows you to complete your research in less time without compromising accuracy.

Getting new associates up-to-speed quickly and learning new practice areas: Some law firms are less willing to refer cases outside their core practice area to other attorneys. They decide to take the time to master a new area of practice so that they can serve their clients personally. In the process, they can increase their service offering. Practical Law provides a comprehensive guide for lawyers who need to learn a new legal area quickly.

Simplifying client intake and finding individuals involved in a case: In some instances, it is essential to research a client quickly or locate a business or person associated with a specific matter. You may need to look into a client’s history, find a witness for a case, or locate the beneficiary of an estate you are settling. The time required to get the information can be significant. Westlaw’s PeopleMap, Business Investigator, can help you locate essential information quickly to move your matter forward.

They streamline the tasks related to a client or matter. Many firms implement point and practice management software to organize documents, track time, and collaborate across departments. ProLaw allows you to manage your case from the initial intake to the conclusion. It also provides for a more responsive response from everyone in the firm.

Meet potential clients wherever they may be: Many firms are busy managing their business and handling cases. Business development should be addressed in situations like this. A holistic marketing plan for law firms can streamline the process. FindLaw offers a range of services to firms that need help finding the time to conduct business development activities. You can reach potential clients wherever they may be at any time.

Determining your firm’s priorities and goals can help you determine how to invest in legal technology. Other challenges are sure to exist in addition to those listed above. Learn more about the latest technologies that can help you to overcome these challenges. Contact a representative for more information.

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