Portrait of a Young, innovative lawyer

You’re right if you picture gadgets, TEDx stages, and the reinvention of billable hours. There are innovative attorneys. Most look like professionals on Main Street, not Silicon Valley visionaries.

Innovative law firms and attorneys invest in tools to help them solve client problems in new and innovative ways. They consistently outperform their competitors.

They are prepared for anything. Since no one is an island, a creative attorney will have the tools to practice law effectively.

Innovating attorneys become more proficient in using technology and are more knowledgeable about their client’s businesses. They continue to innovate to provide exceptional legal advice.

Analytics to help build a best-case strategy

There is an element of science in the design of a strategy for a case, but there’s also a lot of art. Innovative attorneys understand that people tend to follow patterns. Judges and opposing counsel follow the same ways.

Innovative attorneys use data and analytics to determine which arguments will sway judges, which fact patterns will move juries, and which tells what the opposing counsel has.

Legal research and knowledge-based tools can reveal patterns in corporate and litigation law. For example, Westlaw Edge’s Litigation Analytics provides data-driven insight on judges, courts, and damages. They also offer insights into attorneys, law firms, and case types. What is Market Analytics? Applicable law explains market trends for commercial transactions. Attorneys can use these insights to create a strategy for their clients to put them in the best possible position during a commercial transaction.

AI can help you stay one step ahead of the opposing counsel or judge.

Artificial intelligence is the heart of some of the most innovative legal tech. Machine learning tools take the best practices from others’ work and apply them seamlessly to your own.

What does this have to do with learning new legal skills? You can use an army of experts to help you with your work. They will be able to provide you with insight and knowledge that will allow you to progress on your task.

Today’s intuitive and user-friendly tools are designed to support an attorney’s workflow rather than force new processes or thinking. When you update your methods or ways of thinking, the devices will help you instead of the other course around.

Visuals can help you communicate with clients.

Stories and images are more effective in educating people. Each data point is unique and has a story to tell. Data visualization tools allow you to easily show the contribution of each data point to patterns and trends.

Visualization software like What’s Market Analytics allows attorneys to share and analyze market trends and deal terms more quickly. Data-driven insights and visuals make comprehending and explaining complex areas easier for clients.

Innovative attorneys are needed to fill your firm.

An innovative attorney meets with clients, does solid research, and applies their legal expertise using the right technology. These attorneys do it confidently, knowing they have found the best solution to client challenges.

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