The white collar crime: crimes committed by privilege


The term was initially invented by a sociologist from America known as Edwin H. Sutherland. When analyzed, these crimes were found to be the ones that result in an enormous financial loss since there is harm to morality and, therefore, more severe when compared to other offenses.

The socioeconomic crimes mentioned above are not violent in most instances because they do not involve physical force, similar to those involving fraud, forgery, corruption, cybercrime, corruption, copyright infringement, etc. These crimes are often referred to as crimes involving privilege that the individuals interested have well-educated families or backgrounds with professional skills to earn money.

The reasons for its rise across various fields of work

If we learn the nature of these crimes and who is the person that is involved, the primary concern is how they came to be or where it is rooted. The main reason behind its growth is the rising desire to be greedy among the population. Nowadays, people have taken monetary profit as a game or race that needs to be won. Some people don’t think about the consequences of winning or the loss they may have. The sole objective or goal to attain is the goal of currency.

The second primary reason behind this phenomenon’s growth is the political system’s popularity and a lack of lawful implementation. They are encouraged to increase their power when the authorities within them are supportive, and the legal framework surrounding them is full of loopholes. This is nothing more than the peer support they receive and is feeding to these people to help them commit these crimes. Socioeconomic crimes are not just within the Indian subcontinent but worldwide.

In all subject areas, there is a common thread of fraud, corruption, bribery, and other methods. Sure of them have been discussed within the medical profession, such as the making of fake medical certificates fake and ill-intentioned prolonged treatment to raise costs, as well as illegal abortions and selling drug samples to chemists or patients; all of these practices are practiced and are nothing more than white-collar crime.

It is the same for the legal profession. Mistakes such as fabrication of false evidence, threats against witnesses from the opposing side, engaging professional witnesses, infringement of ethical standards in law enforcement, and the arrangement of professional alibis are the most often observed. Engineering is a profession. Working with suppliers underhandedly, passing off substandard work, and preparing false reports on labor are bogus ways of working.

When we think about changing un legitimate currencies into legitimate ones, what are we avoid mentioning the ones used in the education sector, which opens the way for the simplest way to earn a lot. The collection of massive amounts of money to fund student donations to be admitted to admissions based on merit, replacing merit-based admissions with donation-based admissions, and the collection of vast amounts of currency to pay for grants from the government are commonplace in nearly every school. Sometimes, it is produced as a bribe for these institutions by people in exchange for a favor.

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