Methods for peaceful resolution of disputes International law


The war of the past was the only and final way to resolve any disagreement. The war causes numerous casualties, loss of life, damages, and disadvantages. The side that loses in the conflict is the one that suffers more injury and losses.

The losing side, therefore, was required to accept the demands of the winning state. The dispute is settled by surrendering to the terms set by the state that won. The state losing was required to accept all of the conditions and rules.

An agreement was made or a treaty promulgated explicitly stating that the rules were set by the state that won and is to be adhered to by the state that lost. The agreement’s signing resulted from pressure or unjustified influence and not in the absence of the individual’s free will.

War was allowed, and the majority of conflicts were resolved through conflict. Then the signing of a peace treaty took place using violence and coercion. In the present, however, all states must settle their disputes peacefully and without using force which could eventually lead to war.

We must first comprehend the notion of International Dispute-

It is a dispute between more than two countries on an international scale. The conflict could be due to factual issues, similar laws, or interests. There may be a dispute between states about specific facts. It is a frequent reason for disagreement that the parties in conflict cannot agree on the same points, which can be the reason behind an argument.

Second, all countries don’t have the same laws and, therefore, could act illegally-laws in different countries.

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