6 Types Of Lawyers With Examples

Consider what you enjoy doing, what skills you are good at and your life goals. Next, decide which industry you want to work in, and what job within it.

For example, if you are interested in becoming an attorney, you will find more specialized areas within the field than what you might think. This means that there are specialty areas that match your passions and skills. This article will explain the different types of lawyers, and their responsibilities so you can choose where you want to focus.

  • Criminal Lawyer Jobs (Overview)
  • Immigration Attorney Jobs (Overview)
  • Family Lawyer Jobs (Overview)
  • Estate Planning Attorney Jobs (Overview)
  • Corporate Lawyer Jobs (Overview)
  • Contract Attorney Jobs (Overview)
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer Jobs Overview
  • Real Estate Lawyer Jobs (Overview)
  • Tax Attorney Jobs (Overview)
  • Litigation Attorney Jobs (Overview)
  • Environmental Attorney Jobs (Overview)

Criminal lawyer

When people think of becoming a attorney, criminal lawyers are the first thing they think of. They are the ones who appear in court to defend or prosecute a client charged with a crime. To become a Criminal Lawyer in the U.S. you will need to be familiar with not only federal criminal law but also the laws of the states and cities where you have passed the bar exam. You may also choose to specialize in criminal law, and concentrate on particular offenses like DUIs or DWIs. This category also includes public defense attorneys.

Bankruptcy lawyer

Bankruptcy lawyers can assist creditors and debtors, both individuals and corporations, through the bankruptcy process. They can help them decide if bankruptcy is necessary or whether they have other options. You should be prepared for the possibility of your work being affected by the economy. More foreclosures, more debt and more failing businesses means more cases for you.

Immigration Attorney

You can help your clients navigate the complicated immigration process to become citizens by becoming an immigration attorney. You will help them get green cards, refugee status and jobs. If necessary, you can also deal with deportations. To ensure that businesses are legally permitted to open a business in the U.S., you will also help them to obtain the necessary permits and licenses. This field is extremely specialized due to the complex immigration laws. It’s also difficult to change to another focus. You need to make sure that this is what you are interested in. It’s also very rewarding as you can help immigrants achieve their dreams.

Family lawyer

Family lawyers can assist with annulments, prenuptial agreements and child custody. They also handle child support, alimony and adoptions. Many of these laws are made by states and not by the federal governments. If you want to enter this field, you will need to be familiar with the laws of the specific state in which you’re working. You will need to have excellent listening and interpersonal skills to be able handle the sensitive situations and emotions of your clients.

Estate planning attorney

You might want to work as a secretary and be able to handle finance. If this is your specialty, estate planning law may be for you. Your clients will need you to draft their wills, create trusts for them and give them advice on their retirement plans as well as charitable donations. This field requires a lot of paperwork. It might suit you well if you are organized and can work at a desk.

Corporate lawyer

Typically, corporate or business attorneys work for one company and offer counsel when the company establishes and modifies its corporate structure, handles compliance and governance issues, and deals with mergers and acquisitions. You’ll be able to protect your organization rather than its leaders if you become a corporate attorney. This specialty comes with its own set of skills and challenges, so think about that when you consider this career.

Employment/labor lawyer

While corporate lawyers are focused on protecting the company, employment or labor attorneys represent employees who work for them. This field will allow you to assist your clients with navigating severance packages, illegal terminations, harassment, and discrimination claims. Your clients may not have a union to represent them.

Workers’ compensation lawyer

Employees can seek the help of a workers’ comp lawyer if they are hurt, sickened, or killed in the line of duty. This specialty requires lawyers to be present in courtrooms quite often, so consider this when you decide what career path you want.

Contract Attorney

Contract law is what contract lawyers do. You’ll be a expert in assisting both individuals and corporations with contract disputes.

Intellectual Property lawyer

IP lawyers are shorthand for intellectual property lawyers. They assist clients in obtaining copyrights, trademarks, patents and licensing for unique inventions. These licenses will be granted to clients and you’ll handle any infringement problems that may arise. Your clients will also benefit from your expertise in avoiding infringing upon any other’s intellectual property. This is because the laws governing intellectual property vary between industries.

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