5 Types Of Lawyers

You have the choice to specialize in one of many practice areas when you first enter the legal profession. Each of the many fields of law targets a specific demographic or legal issue. You may be interested in becoming a lawyer if you are looking to find the right path for you. What are the differences between different types of lawyers?

Here are just a few examples of the different types of lawyers who currently practice in this field.

1. Bankruptcy lawyer

Clients in financial distress and those who are contemplating or already have filed for bankruptcy can use a bankruptcy lawyer. This lawyer provides advice to clients about whether filing bankruptcy is a good idea. They also help clients in debt negotiate with creditors about how to pay their debts without increasing their client’s costs. Bankruptcy lawyers typically handle bankruptcy and debt relief cases on behalf of their clients. They could represent individuals or businesses.

2. DUI-DWI lawyer

An DUI (Driving Under The Influence) or DWI (Driving While intoxicated) lawyer represents clients charged with DUI/DWI and works to reduce or eliminate their sentences. An DUI defense attorney can defend clients who are facing various DUI charges, such as drunk driving, felony DUI, or aggravated DUI. To properly defend clients and obtain the best possible outcome in court, this type of lawyer must be familiar with the complicated laws governing driving and bicycling in their states.

3. Real estate lawyer

Real Estate lawyers are experts in handling mortgages, purchase contracts, and the transfer of documents between buyers or sellers of a property. They can also represent landlords and tenants, as well as land and estate developers. This helps to ensure that documents, payments, and mortgages are correctly drafted in the best interests of their clients. Land or property sellers can hire these types of lawyers to help ensure that their legal processes are sound. Buyers can also be represented by real estate lawyers to make sure they aren’t being ripped off during the transaction.

4. Family lawyer

Family lawyers are experts in domestic legal proceedings. They can help with cases such as child custody, divorce, paternity, alimony and paternity. These lawyers are able to assist individuals and families in difficult and emotional situations. Family lawyers must be able to use and express empathy in order to help their clients achieve the best possible legal outcome. Family lawyers can be responsible for addressing different aspects of legal proceedings that could affect a family. This covers tax, real estate, criminal, and other legal issues. A wide range of practice areas will be covered by family lawyers.

5. Lawyer for civil rights

Clients are protected from discrimination by civil rights lawyers. These lawyers represent clients in cases involving violations of civil liberties, rights, including discrimination, harassment, abuse of human rights, and denials of voting rights. Lawyers who specialize in civil rights will need to be familiar with the federal and local laws governing civil rights and discrimination. They also need to be able use research and represent clients in court if necessary. They ensure that clients are not discriminated against based on race, religion or disability, age and sexual orientation, gender, and other factors. The law field is vast and offers plenty of opportunities to specialize in an area that’s interesting to you. Begin your journey in law at The Colleges of Law . Our degree programs include J.D., M.L.S., and dual degree options. Learn more here or fill out the form below to request more information.

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