The Danger of Crossing State Lines for July Fourth Fireworks

For the majority of people, fireworks are a significant part of the Fourth of July celebration, whether you’re at home or watching a professional pyrotechnic show. It’s almost sinful to think of the celebration of an Independence Day without at least the possibility of some bright explosions.

Certain government officials have different opinions regarding the usage of fireworks by ordinary citizens. They see only the dangers associated with amateur fireworks shows and place strict rules. But that doesn’t mean they can’t prevent stores located in states adjacent to them from selling fireworks for sale for those willing to travel across state lines to obtain fireworks. (As an aside, Have you ever considered how these stores can stay in business by offering deals such as “buy one, get four free”?)

State and Federal Laws Are not on Your Side.

Suppose you reside in a state like Illinois, which bans various kinds of fireworks. In that case, You probably are aware that a short visit across Missouri, Indiana, or Iowa can allow you to buy sparklers, bottle rockets, firecrackers, Roman candles, and nearly every other kind of fireworks that your heart wants.

However, most laws against fireworks are not limited to cracking down on the sale or purchasing of fireworks. They also ban their possession and use. It is common to travel across a border, purchase fireworks legally, and then have illegal fireworks as you travel back to your home state. State laws differ on the issue, but in several states, the control and usage of fireworks could be an infraction that could be fined or even a misdemeanor. There is no reason to spend Independence Day in the back of a squad vehicle.

Federal law prohibits the transportation of fireworks to states in which state law prohibits them.

Ohio is The only state with laws on fireworks that permit the transportation of fireworks across state boundaries. State laws in Ohio allow the selling of the majority of consumer fireworks. However, they must require Ohioans to take them out from Ohio within 48 hours of purchasing. The fireworks will be allowed to be discharged in all the surrounding states.

Leave the Pyrotechnics to the Professionals 

The penalties for violating the state’s laws on fireworks can be more severe depending on the state’s fireworks laws and the type of fireworks you have done with the fireworks you were accused of violating. Possessing a few spinners and sparklers isn’t ideal, but it likely won’t land you in legal trouble. In the event of a bottle rocket, it could be punished with a fine or even a jail sentence. The damage caused by an explosive or setting off the fire with a shot of a flammable object using the Roman candle could lead straight into felony and misdemeanor territory. If someone is injured or killed due to a miss-fired aerial shell or skyrocket, you may consider getting ready to go to prison.

Be aware that even if your local police department tends to turn on the scene of the use of illegal fireworks during this time of year holiday, there’s no guarantee that you’ll not be punished. It’s the same for your security. The best method to avoid severe injuries is to watch the professional fireworks display at the safety of a distance. Professionally trained pyrotechnic operators may have more knowledge about the protection of fireworks than you are (and generally have the permission of the fire marshal of your state). Therefore, you should keep it to party poppers or occasionally a sparkler.

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