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Arbitration is a popular way of resolving banking, commercial and other disputes. Sectors. Because the goal is to determine the pending issues, where can a losing party challenge the legitimacy of an arbitration award? Can an arbitral verdict be challenged in court? The district judge or high court questions the arbitration award if one of the many grounds that can be used to challenge an arbitral decision is met. Examine these grounds and the deadline to contest arbitration awards in the post below after understanding what arbitration entails.

There are many kinds of alternative dispute resolution options in India that permit parties to settle their legal disputes without the interference of a court. Arbitration is one of alternative dispute resolution methods whereby the parties involved in the disagreement sign an agreement to resolve the issue by arbitration. An independent party appoints an arbitrator, and the procedure is followed in which both parties demonstrate their position; this is then followed by the decision, which is known as an arbitration award. What is the process for challenging the arbitral decision? An arbitral decision can be challenged if the prize is by some of the bases used to contest an arbitral decision. The challenge to the jurisdiction of the arbitral award may be filed if the circumstances permit. Learn more about this article to discover the basis for an appeal that can be filed against an arbitral decision.

Grounds to Challenge Arbitral Award

Answering “can an arbitral award be challenged in court?” is contingent upon whether the circumstances are any bases that can be used to challenge an arbitral award in India according to section 34 under the Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996.

What are the reasons for a challenge to be brought against an arbitral ruling by a person?

Here are the facts which must be established by a legal court by the person seeking to challenge the arbitral award

Arbitral proceedings, also known as

Arbitrator’s appointment, or

In other words, he could not argue their case to the arbitrator.

Setting Aside Arbitral Award by Court Findings

If the legality of the validity of an arbitrator’s decision is challenged before an appeals court or any of the higher courts or higher courts, section 34 (2)(b) of the Arbitration and Conciliation Act 1996 provides the following options.

Subject Matter: If a judge finds that the dispute’s subject matter is not a matter that can be settled via arbitration, a challenge to an arbitral award can be made by applicable law.

Contrary to Public Policy: If the court determines that the decision made in the arbitration award, whether directly or indirectly, violates public policy, the award could be disallowed. The arbitral decision can be challenged in district courts or higher courts to question public policy if the arbitral award:

Influenced or instigated by fraud

Caused or affected by corruption

In breach of confidentiality/ admissibility evidence or

Arbitral awards may be challenged if it violates the fundamental principles of Indian law, or

In opposition to the most basic concepts of justice or morality.


Patent Illegality: With the arbitral tribunal for international commerce in India is an exception; if a court discovers an illegality reflected on the surface, i.e., an apparent breach of law, the arbitration award could be thrown out by the court in question.

Limitation Period for Challenge Against Arbitral Award

The time frame for challenging an arbitral award is three months from when parties have received the award from the arbitrator or when a request for a correction or interpretation of that award has been filed. The time limit to challenge an arbitral decision may be extended by 30 days if the court is satisfied that the affected party was not denied the right to request an annulment. If the proceedings are in progress and the award has been challenged before a court or a court, the tribunal could suspend the proceedings until the tribunal removes reasons to contest the arbitral award and settles the dispute. It is also essential that they first send an official notice to the other party by the arbitration lawyer promptly advising of the contest of an arbitral award in India to ensure that the time frame to challenge an arbitration award is not overrun. Because ignorance of these technicalities could adversely affect parties, it is essential to promptly examine the question, “How do you contest an arbitration decision?

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