Facebook Causes Divorce? – GenZ Scapegoat for Ruined Relationships

Social media appears to be the center of glamour and scam. All sweet and bright on the screen, but life beneath is not that exciting. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Whatsapp, etc., are necessary in the current digital world. Some people may skip their meals, but without their phones, they will not last for more than an hour.

There have been numerous occasions when people were married to someone they knew via Facebook and other platforms for social networking. These types of marriages are not restricted to a specific location, as international marriages have stunned worldwide in recent years. But Facebook does not only help couples tie the knot, but has also been why couples ended their relationships. This blog takes a look at the “book” that’s allegedly destroying marriages around the globe.

How Facebook Ruined My Marriage?

If you are a fan of snooping on people via social media, it is best to avoid your close and dear ones from this behavior. Facebook allows for the convenience of finding people across the globe and access to their photos, thoughts, travels, visits, etc. It is a chance to be exposed if you hide specific details about the present or past that you would otherwise be aware of. If a person has been consistently in contact with their ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, the spouse/husband will likely be mindful of it via social media. An American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers study found that 20 percent of US divorces were based on Facebook. Even if your spouse doesn’t utilize Facebook, it can serve as a means to gather information from your close ones. Facebook is an excellent way to communicate with friends and family regardless of geographical borders. In couples where one partner is uninterested in their issues, rude, or upset, the other can end up causing trouble for your ex-spouse via social media. Events that seem to be a state of peace can lead to many problems in the marriage.

Why Facebook Causes Divorce

Social media and divorce data often show a link. It’s not the technology itself but how it is utilized or misused that could ultimately cause discord within a healthy relationship. Below are some of the elements that claim that Facebook causes divorce


The most frequent reasons for divorce in India are infidelity, cheating, or adultery. In the case of Facebook, a physical or emotional affair is possible. Facebook makes talking with family members, friends, and colleagues extremely comfortable. Many people believe that conversations with their ex-partners will remain unnoticed. However, phones are the easiest to access for spouses. Therefore, these small secrets are often the most crucial evidence before the courts in divorce hearings.


If you can see a wife having fun with her ex-boyfriend within her group of friends, You will l be, at sometimes be. You’ll be jealous if you see your husband’s comments on gorgeous photos of his ex-wife on Facebook. These feelings are inevitable since they are accessible via social media monitoring abilities. In the worst-case scenario, you look up your spouse’s cell phone to monitor their activities. These are all possibilities to disrupt a blissful family. In the case of the Internet and the rights of humans, most of us deny our spouse’s privacy, which is the most detrimental aspect of marriage.


Although everyone nowadays is keen on sharing their joyous lifestyles on Facebook, it’s the potential to make it more difficult to compare the life of oneself with others. When someone buys an apartment, couples from their time might be reaching their financial standing. This could lead to disagreements over economic motives.


Social media, more precisely platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, are platforms for showcasing your fake beauty, wealth, happiness, etc. A humorous post on social media claims that girls aren’t as beautiful as her Facebook photo and certainly not as ugly as her Aadhaar card photo. It’s not as easy as it appears on social networks. However, if you seek validation from social media users for personal occasions, preserving relationships in such situations is the most challenging job.

Social media like Facebook and others can cause marriage conflicts but also pose a risk. If you’re someone who is trying to stay clear of the expense of maintenance for your wife because of the current financial situation and then decide to share the photos from your vacation through social networking sites, they could be a simple way that your wife can use to show your financial deceit. This is why you live in Kolkata., The city’s divorce attorney in Kolkata is always adamant about not posting anything on social media that could become self-incriminating, i.e., evidence against yourself. Not just own proof, but one must be aware of posts made by friends or household members. At the very least, remove or edit tags on other users.

FAQs on How Facebook Causes Divorce

How many divorces have been due to Facebook?

A: The percentage of divorce due to Facebook might not be precise as Facebook is an online platform that allows people to interact electronically. There is no definitive evidence of Facebook leading to divorce in India, which could be attributed to the absence of social media to divorce data. According to reports, one-third of divorce documents contain a mention of Facebook.

Q- Can Facebook cause breakups?

Facebook can be described as an online social network that offers accessibility to individuals you would otherwise be able to connect with quickly. This could include old friends and crushes or ex-spouses. Conversations with a person on Facebook are not dangerous until you do things that must be kept to your partner. The causes of divorce are cheating, incompatibility, or lack of communication, and Facebook could be a direct cause of the above, leading to separations.

Question Does social media have the power to cause a breakup in the union?

A. People today are more prominent on social media than in actual gatherings. Everybody is absorbed online because of entertainment and communication information, etc. Because of this, people have the lowest time with their families. Marriage requires more time to maintain an enduring relationship. Suppose couples focus more on Facebook posts showing their happiness instead of creating beautiful memories with their spouses. In that case, social media can become the source of a climax in these marriages.

How many divorces are there due to the Internet?

A- Divorces do not attribute to technology. The reason lies in the human nature. Social media could be an instrument to carry actions that could ruin the relationship. Individuals tend to disengage from their identity through social media sites, assuming that their activities can’t be tracked. But, suspicion can lead to unexpected outcomes. Statistics on divorce and social media typically rely on evidence from the court, which is sourced through platforms such as Facebook or Whatsapp.

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