Analytics on Case Law

Case Law Analytics is a quantitative research that uses case law databases to analyze. It also uses machine language and artificial intelligence to show a representative decision of the jurisdictions. Data visualization is also available in case law analytics.

Quantitative research in case law analytics involves systematically investigating quantitative properties, their visual appearance, and their relationship. This consists of using methodological techniques to represent human experience in numerical categories. They are sometimes called statistics.

Case Law Analytics provides legal professionals with solutions to quantify risk based on a long collaboration between lawyers, mathematicians, and IT professionals after years of research work on case laws. The tools are real decision-making aids that put the legal professional at the center of legal analysis strategy. They create communication bridges between clients and lawyers and between financial and legal departments.

Analyzing case law is nothing more than a synthesis. Law students and legal researchers use this method to analyze the court’s decision. Case law analytics is a process that compares cases based on the facts. Analytics involves generating data points from the case laws and their impact on the outcome. Analyzing case law is purely based on the human experience of lawyers. The analysis establishes the relationship between cases to know the result. Therefore, it is likely that relationships between points will be concealed.

The case law analytics project assists the legal community with analyzing case law. This involves working with large volumes of Indian Court decisions (Case Laws of Indian Courts). Many choices still need to be studied. Students of Law colleges are given workshops that help them understand basic case law analytics and analysis. The case laws contain various parameter terms, including data points (fixed and variable) used to analyze the data. This allows law students to grasp the fundamentals of case law analytics.

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