Why do you need to use the same technology as Biglaw?

Today, the reputation of a law office is more likely to be built at a kitchen table than in expensive restaurants, fancy conference rooms, or courtrooms. The playing field has become more even for smaller law firms competing to win new clients, secure new contracts, and attract legal talent.

Even more so when you have technology on your side. Law firms of all sizes have embraced technology and are evolving their methods.

Mary Juetten says that while the same tools may only sometimes be appropriate, the firms must use the right tools to compete. Mary Juetten owns Juetten Law PC and is the founder of Traklight. Traklight helps small businesses assess their IP risks. She is about the launch the virtual-first Singular Law Group PLLC. Juetten says that small and solo law firms must have the same capabilities as large ones to provide clients with efficient and effective legal services.

Technology to improve outcomes

Your clients’ stakes are now higher than ever. They are also more anxious about the outcome. You cannot assume that your arguments are flawless, and you want to take advantage of the opportunity to expose any flaws in the opposing counsel’s arguments. You don’t need a large team of junior associates who can double-check your research and case law application.

The opposing counsel might have junior associates, but they use advanced legal research technologies like Westlaw Edge to protect their briefs. As technology improves, legal research is becoming less time-consuming and manual.

Judges are the same: they still want to ensure your arguments are solid, but their law clerks will no longer manually review your legal documents. They use AI tools such as Quick Check to verify both your claims and those of the opposing party. They can also see the authority you and your opponent’s counsel should have cited. You can use the same technology to find out more about your judge. You can bet that they will be more comfortable listening to your arguments if you use examples they are familiar with.

Your ability to achieve the best results for your clients will determine your reputation. The volume of information and data is increasing, and more than elbow grease is needed to sort through it. The more competitive law firms will use technology to understand and find the law.

How to attract clients

Modern legal technology can also improve the overall experience of your clients. Litigation Analytics, for example, can help you interpret years of data to manage client expectations about how long a ruling will take and what the outcome will likely be.

“Clients aren’t interested in the underlying workflow or legal tech. They care more about the result,” says Juetten. She is the author of the Thomson Reuters book “Small Law Firm KPIs – How to Measure your Way to Greater Profits.” As lawyers, we understand that technology can help us achieve faster and often less expensive results. We can see this in the automation of workflows, the generation of documents, and support for a process. All these things allow us to have more certainty, as well as the use of flat fees or subscriptions.

To earn the business of existing clients and to get them to refer new clients, you must provide a client experience that is transparent and empowering.

Talent competition using technology

They want to work at companies that give them the tools they need to excel, reward them for their work, and allow them to live a fulfilling life.

Many great attorneys leave large law firms to work in smaller firms where they can be more creative and have a more significant impact. They are also looking for a culture or pace that is different from what they were used to in Biglaw.

You are proud of both your team’s culture and the results they deliver for your clients. Do you give them the tools to be able to work at their best and end their day confidently, knowing that they didn’t miss anything important?

Your top performers and prospective new hires will be aware of all the tools that are available on the market. They’ll also notice if you think they work harder or do more “busy work” than other employees at your firm.

Stay competitive by using the latest technology

Your firm’s ability to grow and maintain a good reputation depends on the success of your clients, their experience, and the quality of your attorneys. Westlaw Edge, an innovative technology, helps you win. Try it for free and see what you think.

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