Pros and Cons of Getting a Legal Degree Online

Legal degrees such as the Master of Legal Studies and Master of Studies In Law are for people who are not lawyers and need to be able to understand the basics of law. A Master of Legal Studies, or another legal degree, will not allow you to take the bar exam or become an advocate.

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A program that is offered online might be the best option for you if you are a full-time worker looking to transition into a new career but cannot give up your job. Online legal degree programs can be remote, hybrid or not. Each program has its unique benefits and challenges. We discuss the pros and cons of earning a legal degree online, from program design to accreditation costs.

The benefits of getting a legal degree online

An online legal degree can be a great way to get the knowledge you need to pursue your career in any industry or practice area. Online legal education offers many advantages, such as greater flexibility and lower costs than traditional in-person programs. These are some of the possible perks.

A Similar Curriculum with More Flexibility

The Master of Legal Studies curriculum will be the same, or very similar, regardless of whether it is offered online or on campus. Courses include foundational courses that cover topics like legal writing, legal procedure, and negotiation strategies. You might also be able to select a specialization depending on your career goals and interests. You can choose to specialize in international, intellectual property, or dispute resolution. Part-time programs are available. To learn more about the courses and concentrations available, as well as enrolling options, visit the website of your chosen program.

Lower Total Prices

Online legal degree programs may be a good way to save money. You might be wondering how so? First, many online legal degree programs offer learning materials such as legal journal subscriptions and books online. They also direct students to websites where they may find these items at a discounted price. Online classes allow you to attend school from your own home, your local coffee shop, or library. This means that you don’t need to travel to campus or move to the city or town where your desired school is. If the law school you are interested in is located in a more expensive area than your current residence, this may prove to be a benefit.

Get More Degrees Without Worrying About Relocations

Working professionals who have families to support and a career are not able to relocate to another area or state to attend school may be an option. There are more than 20 schools that offer online Master of Legal Studies programs. It is possible to apply to programs all across the country.

Less Interruptions in Careers

Although continuing your education can benefit your legal career over the long-term, it can be very disruptive to your short-term plans to attend school for an entire year. You can still take classes while working, thanks to many online programs that are part-time and self-paced. You can also use these options to fulfill any personal obligations, such as community or family engagements. You don’t need to worry about losing promotions or leaving your job to pursue your education.

Technology Improves Quality

Online learning and degrees are not an afterthought or something that can be done by uploading course materials to an online learning management software. Instead, online learning is driving a whole new pedagogy that offers more student choice, collaboration, and new ways of assessment. Online learning is being promoted by schools, teachers, and other education stakeholders.

Create Your Own Schedule

Rolling enrollment is a feature of many online Master of Legal Studies programs. This means that you don’t have to wait for the next academic calendar to begin. This allows you to take advantage if there is a slow season at your job. This can allow you to take advantage of a slow season at work.

The cons of getting a legal degree online

While online legal degrees can be a great choice for working professionals, they are not always perfect. However, there are some disadvantages to earning an advanced degree online rather than in person. Consider the pros and cons of an online Master of Legal Studies before you make a decision.

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