Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers & Lawsuits

According to a Congressional report, the percentage of nursing homes cited for violations across the US has increased each year since, the number of nursing homes cited for abuse more than doubled compared to the number cited in. Elderly and mentally impaired people are placed in nursing homes when they require special care and attention. Nursing home abuse can range from physical abuse, to sexual abuse, and even financial exploitation. Inexperienced and unqualified employees are one of the prime causes for neglect in nursing homes and long term car facilities. Nursing home abuse lawyers handle nursing home litigation cases and seek to represent the cases of abuse and neglect in a dignified and cost-effective manner.

Some common forms of neglect and nursing home abuse are:

Physical Abuse – Deliberate use of excess physical force upon a resident, including but not limited to hitting, pinching, slapping, punching, or kicking.

Sexual Abuse – Any improper or sexually oriented touching of a resident.

Mental or Emotional Abuse – Abuse including harassing, threatening, humiliating, isolating, coercion, or manipulation of a resident or patient.

Verbal Abuse – Includes threatening or insulting spoken and/or written comments.

Malnutrition – Caused by insufficient, missed, and/or non-nutritious meals.

Dehydration – Insufficient amounts of fluids which can lead to infections, kidney failure, stroke, and heart attacks.

Broken Bones – Caused by physical abuse, and falls that occur when patients are not properly supervised.

Bed Sores – Caused by a failure to properly turn and move a bed-ridden resident which can lead to infection.

Wrongful Death – The premature death of a resident caused by the neglect of their caregiver.

Patients are protected by federal and state laws as well as the Nursing Home Reform Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help you determine if abuse is present through monitoring and research. If you have noticed signs of abuse in the form of bruising, broken bones, or other physical harm you need to contact a nursing home abuse lawyer immediately. Since the elderly and mentally imparied people living in these homes have weakened bodies, failure to act quickly can lead to a premature death. If you or a loved one feel you have a nursing home abuse lawsuit, you need to speak with an experienced nursing home abuse lawyer as soon as posisble. You probably have alot of questions, and chances are you may be afraid of what may happen during your case. Good nursing home abuse lawyers in your area can help relieve this anxiety and stress. An experienced and winning nursing home abuse lawyer can evaluate your case and determine the chances your case has at succeeding. The fact is, you won’t know until you speak with a nursing home abuse lawyer.

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