In a small town in Punjab In,dia, lived an adorable young girl. She was beautiful, charming, sweet, and educated. After she finished her studies, a number of individuals approached her parents about the wedding of their wealthy NRI son. They chose her to marry him not for her talent or academic background but because of her beauty and being the unassuming daughter of a wealthy but modest father who could saturate her parents with cash and presents. The girl’s inexperienced and ignorant parents were enthralled by the proposal to marry an educated, well-heeled boy who lived in El Dorado. The wedding was organized. Everything went well, but only until the date when he was to travel to return to his home country. One day went by, one month and a year, and one decade, but he didn’t return or even receive a single note, phone call, or message. The same is true for thousands of Indian girls who were married to NRIs who fled to the United States. These NRIs visit India to marry a girl and leave as a holiday. They want wives to enjoy the holidays and money, not for uncompromising matrimony.

Marriage was once an oath-like institution, but nowadays, it has turned into an instrument in the hands of those who are nefarious and use it to form their wicked plans. For certain couples, marriage is a cost-free ATM, while for others, it’s a freehand permit to indulge sexual desires. Abandoning women through NRI husbands is, in general, new in the existing list of offenses occurring within the context of marriage.


An Indian citizen who lives in a different country legally is referred to as an “NRI” (Non-Resident Indian). If he is a citizen of a foreign country but has Indian roots, the legal way to be referred to as PIO (Person of Indian origin). NRI marriages are weddings that are legally ordained by an Indian woman who lives inside India as well as the NRI as well as a PIO.


Desertion” under the scheme of the Ministry of External Affairs means the abandonment of a spouse by the husband. Furthermore, when the husband, through his words, compels her to move out of the home of their marriage or leave the house without just reason, he violates the law even while the wife may have apparently divorced him. The most common cause of desertion is insufficient support, i.e., inability to provide financial resources to those for whom this duty will be due.


“All that glitters isn’t gold. The marriage of an NRI could appear to be an instant jackpot, but it’s an investment fraud in the majority of instances. People are lured by the extravagant and luxurious lifestyle of foreign countries and then are entangled in an endless loop of misery. People also feel at ease hooking their daughters to an over-rated NRI. Since it’s very difficult to investigate the background of the person who is living abroad, parents depend on the lavish clothes and the glamorized local reputation that these NRIs have. They also shell out a massive amount of money for dowry and hope to give an assured future for their daughters. This dream soon becomes an unimaginable nightmare.

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