Sexuality, gender, and criminality The need for a comprehensive disclosure

“If any person in society is fighting for their fundamental fundamental human rights and freedoms, then that society is not completely free.” This essay examines the many questions that surround the notion of sexuality and gender throughout the world. While the world is changing, our society is also evolving as a nation, but the issues of sexual equality and the freedom to make sexual choices are issues that are often brushed under the rug. The world was and is patriarchal by nature.

Since the beginning, the idea that men are more powerful and superior to females has been prevalent. Discrimination against genders of different kinds is the primary reason for various issues like female foeticide, rape, sexual teasing, and many more. Still, this discussion about gender inequalities is only complete if we look at a crucial aspect of society, and that is transgender or the third gender.

In addition to gender inequality, sexuality is an important topic of debate. If sexuality is a personal decision, what can be a motive to punish or humiliate anyone? Why are lesbians and gay couples still vilified and mocked by the public? What is the reason that sexuality has led to numerous crime


There are some questions that the essay is expected to tackle. Sexuality and gender-related crimes are among the most enigmatic issues of our time, especially in a society like ours that celebrates the unity of diversity but does not provide an opportunity for different sexualities and genders within its apparent narrow definition of this.

No one is secure

Gender can be defined as the socio-anthropological roles given to different sexes of society. The society in which we live has created guidelines for how different genders are expected to behave and behave. The gender of a person also has other obligations given to various groups of society.

Since the beginning, the grooming and nurturing of the different genders have taken place opposite. Girls are expected to be quiet, respectful, and expressive, while boys are taught to be adamant, powerful, and authoritative. Social divisions like this are now the root problem within society.

Gender roles are constructed by society, and, over time, various stereotypes have been associated with the term “gender”; however, this has resulted in an environment where there is an inequality in the social structures of society, which creates various problems. Let’s look at specific issues that are that genders face:

Women’s plight

In the past, society was structured according to the principle that men were given the task of earning bread while the women were the ones who ran the household. If one studies the history of labor allocation, one will see that the main reason for this system was to create a balance of roles in the community.

What we see now directly contradicts the purpose concept of “division of labor theory.” Women were viewed as dependent on men to provide for their basic needs, so people were taught that men were superior to women. This thought caused a variety of problems for the society of women.

If one looks back at their history’s steps, it is easy to see that the majority of major political revolutions across the globe did not have the participation of women. The history of the world also reveals how women were required to fight for their human rights as men enjoyed these rights. Only in the early 20 century was legislation approved to grant women voting rights, which was also after a struggle of over 100 years.

When we discuss crimes against women, we must consider the most vulnerable. Violence, murder, rape, Dowry deaths, Eve teasing, Slavery, trafficking, brutal repression, domestic violence, and the list continue. Women today are faced with these issues in their private and professional lives. However, gender inequality isn’t the same for every country. TEvidently, those more prone to poverty are more prone to violations against women than developed and developing countries.

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