HighQ consolidates your legal technology stack.

When things become too complicated, we may feel the urge to simplify, declutter, and consolidate certain aspects of our lives. We want to be more organized. This can include spring cleaning, deleting photos from our phones, organizing our closets, and having garage sales for items we no longer use. Why should the technology toolbox be different?

If the wrong solution is deployed, technology can also significantly contribute to your environment becoming more complex. If all of these functions are handled using different products from different vendors, each with its workflows, the result can become a mess.

A consolidated, intelligent, and connected legal tech stack that uses artificial intelligence and automation for an end-to-end collaboration can be a game changer that helps you stand out from your competition.

Boosting your collaborative potential

Legal services are highly competitive. Your ability to provide better service and work more intelligently is a significant competitive advantage. You can win new clients and retain your existing ones by offering a differentiated experience to customers. Technology should not be a hindrance but instead support and enhance collaboration internally and externally.

Less is More

More is not always better when it comes to technological solutions. Too many systems and solutions deployed can actually have the opposite of what you want. HighQ, a consolidated and flexible legal tech stack, allows you to increase collaboration and improve efficiency. You can work with your colleagues more collaboratively, intelligently, and effectively while providing more transparent and valuable services.

HighQ can help you achieve operational efficiency by automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. These intelligent, automated processes increase productivity, strengthen your legal operations and workflow, enable seamless sharing of information and insights, and improve client engagement.

Tackling common challenges

HighQ integrates multiple tasks into one tech stack to provide a seamless experience. This includes legal project management, enhanced communication, and team collaboration. It helps you to plan, organize, track and complete your work more efficiently, intelligently, and better work with teams and clients.

With this complete legal tech stack, you can capture, store and search all the information and files that are related to your case, get instant access to critical files, details and cases and quickly complete real estate transactions, mergers and purchases, and other legal deals. HighQ provides a holistic solution for regulatory tracking and compliance, allowing you to provide a modern client experience that is enhanced by client engagement.

Success stories are enough to speak for themselves

Addleshaw-Goddard, a global law firm, uses HighQ to automate documents, manage contracts, and perform due diligence. HighQ’s iSheets feature has allowed them to save money, win new clients and complete work more efficiently. They realized the potential of iSheets and built several solutions around it, from simple automation to large and complex tasks involving multiple parties and months’ worth of collaboration.

Coordination of transferring thousands of properties from one entity into another as part of an FTSE 100 sale was by far the most complicated. Using an iSheets solution, all parties in the deal can access the documentation related to the transfer. The workflow was intelligently designed so users could access the documentation in order. Automated alerts let people know when they need to input information. Data can be used to create documents such as land registry forms and certificates of title.

The client has a better understanding of the transaction throughout the entire process. The iSheets solution revolutionized how the deal was conducted and paved the way for all concerned.

Kerry Westland is the TST Senior Manager for Addleshaw Goddard. She said that we won the pitch because of our use of HighQ span ‘data-contrast=”auto “>,” Before iSheets, we would have created the documents manually and used spreadsheets for data collection. This solution will save the client money and time .”

In the digital age, we need technology enablers to keep up and boost our competitiveness. Our client testimonials speak for themselves about the benefits of connected legal technology.

Learn more about HighQ’s intelligent client engagement and work platform to help you innovate and collaborate, and transform how you provide legal services. You can also request a demonstration to see it in action.

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