Different lawyers are skilled in different areas. Many lawyers specialize in different areas of law. Lawyers can also present cases in court to protect their client’s best interests.

There are many types of attorneys. Below is a guide to help you choose the right attorney. To ensure you win your case or get the best deal, you will need the assistance of a lawyer with expertise in your case.

1. Lawyers for Intellectual Property (IP).

Copycats and duplicates must be prevented from any original, creative, scientific, or technical invention that may benefit the public. An intellectual property lawyer can help you secure copyright, patents, and trademarks for any creations you have, including a novel, song, or computer program.

IP lawyers advise clients regarding their creations’ commercial viability and marketing strategies. They must be experts in both innovation and business trends.

IP lawyers can negotiate settlements for the inventor or creator if it infringes upon their work. This could be in cases where counterfeit goods are sold at a lower market price. There are many areas of intellectual property law that IP lawyers can specialize in, including e-commerce and biotechnology. Their work might involve dealing with multiple agencies such as the U.S. Copyright Office, Department of Commerce, and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are some examples of agencies they may deal with.

2. Family Lawyers

These lawyers handle domestic cases such as divorce, legal separation, and child custody. Family attorneys can also be involved in reproductive rights cases, and their work might intersect with other areas. A family lawyer might also be able to assist a criminal attorney in cases involving child abuse, domestic violence, or juvenile delinquency.

3. Estate Planning Lawyers

Although no one wants to plan for their death, there is always an inevitable and certain end. If the time comes, estate planning lawyers can help clients sort out their assets and property to share with their loved ones.

An estate attorney may set up a trust fund to provide minor beneficiaries with the necessary funds. A lawyer may prepare documents to outline and enumerate the final wishes of their clients, as well as arrangements for burial and medical care.

4. Personal Injury Lawyers

A personal injury lawyer is required to assist in cases involving a person accusing another person, company, government entity, or organization of psychological or physical injuries. This lawyer is an expert on tort law, which is the area of civil legal liability and damages.

A personal injury lawyer is necessary if you have been hurt at work, in an accident, or suffered from food poisoning. An excellent personal injury attorney will help you get the compensation and settlement that you deserve if the injury causes you to lose income or affects your quality of life.

5. Malpractice Lawyers

In cases where a lawyer, doctor, accountant, or government official is being sued because they have violated their duties, malpractice lawyers might be necessary. These professions are subject to strict standards and may face greater professional responsibilities in court or litigation.

This area has a specific group of lawyers. There may not be many experts who specialize in malpractice law. It is sometimes necessary to hire a Malpractice Lawyer to make sure that everything is done within the legal framework and that no one can be sued.

6. Business Lawyers

Business lawyers are also known as corporate lawyers. They have a more comprehensive range of skills in the areas of the building, managing, maintaining, and transferring a company. This area of law includes the formation of a company, the preparation of tax compliance, the acquisitions, and the dissolution of a business.

Business lawyers can also help with business and employment disputes. They can choose to only handle cases for large corporations or to serve as legal advisors to small businesses and startups.

7. Labor Lawyers

Labor lawyers are experts in workplace discrimination and unlawful layoffs. They can also negotiate severance payments for their clients. They are often associated with unions but are more helpful to non-unionized workers because they don’t have any advocate for their cause.

8. Tax Lawyers

Although taxes can seem complicated, it is the job of tax lawyers and accountants to simplify the process for clients with many assets. A tax lawyer is a good choice if you are planning to start a business or plan on leaving behind a taxable estate or investment.

Individuals and businesses may also need tax lawyers to help them with IRS disputes. This should include a lawyer who is familiar with court procedures and litigation. Tax lawyers are different than accountants in that anything you tell them is confidential.

9. Bankruptcy Lawyers

A consultation with a bankruptcy attorney is a significant first step for anyone who is having trouble with their finances, bills and debts. Most bankruptcy lawyers will try to avoid their clients going bankrupt in most cases. They can help clients negotiate with creditors to reduce deficits and arrange for good repayment plans. They will file bankruptcy papers for clients if necessary, even if it is the worst.

10. Immigration lawyers

An immigration lawyer will be necessary to help you if you are applying for U.S. citizenship. It can be challenging to navigate the immigration laws, and you will need to complete a lot of paperwork. You can delay your chances of approval if you miss one step. An immigration attorney will help you through each step. You should avoid potential deportation cases if you want to keep your green card.

11. Real Estate Lawyers

Individuals and companies looking to purchase or sell a property can get legal advice from real estate lawyers. They collaborate with clients and real estate agents to create documents and ensure that they are legally binding. They can also represent the property owner in a foreclosure dispute or negotiate on behalf of the seller or buyer.

Real estate lawyers can also help in disputes between tenants and landlords during an eviction case. Real estate lawyers specializing in land use or development may be consulted for more complex projects, such as those involving commercial builders or high-rise building developers.

12. Constitutional lawyers

If they feel their rights are being violated, people with advocacies may consult constitutional lawyers. Non-profit organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union and the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People employ constitutional lawyers to defend minorities in legal proceedings.

13. Environmental Lawyers

This is an area of expertise that is growing in popularity due to the increasing interest in climate change mitigation and protecting the environment. Environmental lawyers are experts in the policies and guidelines of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). When it comes to environmental problems that could affect the welfare or interest of the public, they represent plaintiffs and defendants as well as individuals and groups.

14. Civil Litigation Lawyers

Technically, any area of law that is not already on this list can also be considered civil litigation case. A civil litigation lawyer can be viewed as a general attorney. Their primary job is to handle cases involving breach of contract. Although this may seem like a superficial area of law, contract disputes can be very complicated. It is worth hiring a skilled civil litigation attorney who can spot the details.

15. Criminal Defense Lawyers

A criminal defense lawyer can handle all phases of a criminal case. From the moment a client is arrested through to the investigation, charging, and sentencing, they provide invaluable counsel. If their clients want to appeal, their work doesn’t end there. An experienced criminal defense attorney is able to help clients avoid prison by knowing how to navigate the legal complexities.

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