What you need to know about being the lawyer your clients are looking for right now

Your clients are your priority. You must continue to be a familiar and trusted source in a constantly changing market. Although client service is not new, the technology needed to serve clients seamlessly has changed.

You may ask yourself, “How can I best serve my client? Your workspace has changed. Your human resources are restricted. You may feel unable to assist them the same way as before.

Many resources are available to help you become the lawyer your clients want you to be. Advanced research resources can help you be as agile as possible. We’ll look at your issues and the tools available to help.

It is essential to be a trusted legal advisor for all things.

You provide legal advice in many different areas, just like most attorneys. You may be more experienced in some areas of law than others. Your clients might have previously come to you to draft wills, negotiate divorces, or finalize real estate contracts. Sadly, you may find that some of your loyal clients are now coming to ask questions about bankruptcy and foreclosure.

Some new issues your clients face today may fall outside your legal expertise. You want to retain clients, but keeping them is more important than ever. You need to be able to adapt your practice and resources for you to meet the changing needs of your clients.

Collaborating looks a lot different.

In the past, if a client brought you to work outside your area of expertise, you would walk down the hallway and ask another colleague. They might be better informed. They can tell you who to contact. They can provide the most accurate results by knowing how to conduct research.

This option is now more limited. These quick face-to-face conversations with colleagues could have evolved into a scheduled time to chat via phone or video. The convenience is still there, but it could be more convenient. You are part of a larger organization but also learn how to be a semi-solo lawyer. Now, having all the information you need at your fingertips is essential.

A digital skill set for attorneys is now a necessity.

Your clients have always relied on the depth and breadth of your knowledge, resourcefulness, and insight. You can now do everything you did in your office from home or anywhere else. It is becoming more common to expect that you can run a fully-functional law office at home.

Digital agility is a requirement to meet these new demands. You need to be able “on your own” to use technology to perform tasks that you used to rely on others for. This includes preliminary research, analysis of legal documents, or just picking colleagues’ brains over coffee.

Legal technology: How to choose the best one

Your life and how you practice law have changed dramatically in the past two years. The expectations of your clients have stayed the same. Now more than ever, they need you. Their needs and demands will change as their circumstances change. Legal research technology is the only way to provide clients with the expected service.

The applicable law is a tool that gives you instant access to hundreds of attorneys dedicated to keeping you updated on the ever-changing legal landscape. You can instantly access all the information you previously gathered from your colleagues.

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