Spousal Visa Lawyer

When a United States citizen marries a non-citizen, the non-citizen can apply for either a K3 or CR1 visa. While the U.S. government approves most applications for these types of visas, it is important for spouses to understand the application process in its entirety. A simple mistake on a marriage visa application can lead to serious delays. The Law Office of Joel J. Turney, LLC specializes in marriage visa law. Our attorneys use years of relevant immigration law experience when handling each marriage application and can help you file appropriate paperwork in the United States.

The Difference Between K3 and CR1 Visas

Many marriage visa applicants do not understand K3 and CR1 visas. While both visas provide residency options for a non-citizen spouse of a U.S. citizen, applicants with K3 visas still need to file for Permanent Resident Status. Spouses who apply for CR1 visas automatically apply for permanent residency status and avoid the associated filing fee, which is currently $1,070. We highly recommend the CR1 marriage visa over the K3 visa, but our attorneys have significant experience with both of these options. We will work with you throughout the process for either visa and help you and your spouse make appropriate application decisions. Both the K3 and CR1 visas are designed specifically for spouses. Fiances are legally distinct and must apply for a K1 visa. See our fiance visa website for more information about K1 visas.

Access to Multilingual Marriage Visa Experts

Our marriage visa experts draw from a unique knowledge base developed over years of experience. They are prepared to answer your questions about K3 and CR1 visas, residency and U.S. marriage visa law. Throughout the application process, you will have unlimited phone and email access to our knowledgeable, multilingual support staff. By helping you understand the various facets of marriage visas, we will cut down on some of the most common delays related to the application process. We will also double check every section of your application, ensuring accuracy and efficiency.

Flat Fees and Affordable Payment Schedules

There are many reasons to use experienced representation when filing a K3 or CR1 visa. Working with an experienced marriage visa attorney will give you peace of mind and a better understanding of the petition. You will save time on your application and improve your chances of approval. Even so, many of our clients worry about the costs of legal representation. We understand the challenges that many of our clients face while applying for residency and citizenship, and we have worked hard to make sure that our fee schedule is reasonable. We offer flat fees and multiple payment options to help our clients stay within their budgets. Call our office for a free consultation. We can discuss your options and help you apply for the appropriate visa. With years of experience, affordable rates and an unequaled understanding of immigration law, we offer an excellent resource for marriage visa help.

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