Is It Legal for a Security Guard to Detain You

We’ve all seen mall jail cells on films and television shows such as “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” What is the legal right of security guards at malls and shops to hold you in the mall jails?

Legal Authority of Security Guards

Most of the time, private security guards don’t have the same power as police personnel. Security companies are independent law enforcement organizations. In addition to helping with medical emergencies or breaches of security of the peace, they are entitled to take action in the same manner as a private citizen. Remember, however, security guards’ guidelines for security guards vary among companies or jurisdictions and states. In essence, the only thing security guards could do is call 911 in the event of an emergency or criminal activity. But, it is essential to check on local and state law to know the security guard’s capabilities. Do.

Suppose a security officer were to witness a misdemeanor regarded as a breach of peace. In that case, The most they can perform is to make a Citizen’s Arrest and then wait for a police officer to arrive and take the person into custody. Security guards can request you to wait for a police official to come; if they try to entrap you against your will and they fail to execute an official citizen’s arrest, you may be sued for unlawful detention.

Security Guards Are Not the Police 

Security guards aren’t police officers; therefore, they are not required to perform any act resembling an officer of the law. While security guards may think acting as an officer can benefit their situation, it could lead to serious legal issues. The business they work for could be liable as well.

Suppose a security officer uses excessive force towards you, even though they are acting in self-defense. In that case, they may be facing charges of assault on a person, or you may be in a position to suit them for excessive force.

Armed Security Guards 

Certain facilities employ armed security guards who are certified to carry guns and can use deadly force in the event of a need. Although they do not enjoy the same rights as police officers, most security guards with firearms undergo more intense training than security guards without arms and typically possess a degree in police science or criminal justice. Security guards with armed security must adhere to the same rules as unarmed security guards until they obtain a specialized police officer certificate.

If a security officer detains you, note what they can and cannot do. Legally, it is possible for a security guard without a weapon to keep you in a detention facility. Still, they can’t do it with force or other methods employed by police officers, such as locking you in a handcuff or placing you in a detention cell. If it’s an armed security guard who has exceptional police officer credentials and authority, they can hold you in custody and employ reasonable force.

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