Invest in your future by helping employees know where to begin.

You don’t have to start all over again with your associates.

It’s hard for attorneys, especially associates, to start anew on a case. The right tools can help lawyers feel less like they are starting from scratch on every new issue.

Why does knowing where to begin matter

It is a great way to get a head start on handling any issue.

A young associate can only know the intricacies of some practice areas, but they can eliminate uncertainty and solve client needs if they have the proper insight and guidance.

By knowing where to begin, associates can return to what they want to do: practice Law.

Refrain from relying on search engines.

Let’s say, for example, that an associate in your firm receives a call from a customer who usually asks about business formation but has questioned this time regarding Employee Benefits & Executive Compensation.

The associate has little experience in employee benefit plans, and the other attorneys need more time to train them with affecting their billable hours. The firm still wants to retain business. Where should they go, then?

The associate first searches online for resources on the subject. A general search on the internet could provide an initial look and some helpful information. However, it is risky to stake your business on Google, and it can take time to wade through the search results.

With the proper tools, associates can take on any new area of legal practice confidently.

Searching for “executive Compensation” in Practical Law will help associates quickly find the information they need to fully understand a problem. The task can be completed quickly without having to sift through Google’s massive amount of information.

The Toolkits in Practical Law is a great way for associates to gain a comprehensive overview of executive compensation and the resources they need to complete their work. These toolkits have been designed to focus on the most essential resources to grasp the topic quickly.

You can also find checklists, standard documents, and practice notes to make the job easier. In the same scenario, your associate could access the practice notes ‘Negotiating an Executive Employment Agreement’ and ‘Review Background Information on the Subject’ to better understand the executive agreement. These practice notes provide clear, concise guidance on how to apply the latest laws and practices. They are designed to be read and understood in less than half an hour. All Toolkit resources have been vetted by attorney editors and are kept current, so you can be sure that your firm is utilizing the most up-to-date sources on topics such as executive compensation.

Understanding case processes and steps will help you advise clients and manage their expectations. It can also be helpful in your work and conversations with your colleagues.

Use tools that support new methods of working.

Here’s another example. A team member may be working at home and receive a question they need help knowing the answer to from a client. This may happen when everyone is at the office, and the associate goes to the colleague’s desk to get the necessary solutions. When people work from different locations, how can an associate get the answer quickly if the other employees are away from the office?

Many professionals need help to visit their colleagues’ desks to get quick and easy answers to questions. When working in a collaborative team, it can take a lot of work to receive immediate feedback. Practical Law is that “mentor down the hallway,” providing reliable and expert answers without the associate having to leave their desk.

Practical Law

Practical Law gives your associates the legal expertise they need to represent any case.

Practical Law allows them to quickly find out where to begin and to confidently start working on the case rather than passing it to someone else.

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