How to make sure your law firm is a top pick for talent

Recently, reports on The Great Resignation 2021 revealed that workers worldwide are rethinking their priorities when it comes time to work. Bain/Dynata surveyed 10,000 workers and found that 58% reported the pandemic had prompted a review of work-life standards. Companies are now in a talent battle as employees look for better working conditions outside their current employer.

Attracting top talent for your law firm

The ongoing talent battle allows law firms to attract new talent. Law firms need to make a concerted attempt to attract these talents by updating existing policies and practices to suit the priorities of today’s workforce better.

Aligning talent to law firm values and vision

Recommitting to and revisiting your firm’s mission statement and vision can attract top talent. You will be in a much better position to explain to potential hires what your firm is all about and the concrete actions you’re taking to achieve it if you have a clear understanding of these aspects. These aspects motivate job candidates to join your company, give their best efforts while working, and remain committed for the long term.

Promote open positions to attract top talent.

Be sure to understand the workloads your company needs before advertising open positions. Both short-term and longer-term work can influence a position’s essential duties and expectations. Consider the education level, experience, and skills required for a particular position.

Include these metrics as clearly and thoroughly as possible in your job description. This will help to prevent talent loss.

Interviewing strategically to make a good impression

It is easy to identify a strategic interviewing procedure, giving the impression of a company that is organized, committed, and efficient. Talented candidates will be attracted to these qualities.

Consider carefully who you will appoint as part of your interviewing team to boost the process. Give each person a role that best suits their talents or position. Tools like a kit of instructions, questions, and a scorecard can be used to facilitate an interview. This will help avoid awkward moments or the feeling of being unprepared.

Retaining law firm talent

It is not enough to attract talent. Law firms should look at the ideal working conditions for today’s workforce to retain top talent and make adjustments where needed. These adjustments can reduce employee attrition and increase retention. This can positively impact company costs.

Culture is important in reducing attrition within law firms

After a firm makes its hiring decision, it is important to fully integrate new hires into the culture of the company. This integration process is crucial to prevent law firm attrition, as many people in the modern workplace prioritize culture fit. This process can be accelerated by a thorough onboarding program. Ongoing efforts to keep employees engaged with the company, as well as their colleagues, can also help keep them invested in the long term.

On the other hand, effective onboarding and integration are essential for a remote or hybrid workforce who may feel otherwise isolated. Even after onboarding, it is important to pay attention to the inclusion of hybrid and remote workers in the organization’s culture. For the culture to have an impact, everyone must be involved.

Prioritize work-life balance with flexible work options

A study by LiveCareer revealed that employees prioritize flexibility in their workplace .

81% of people enjoy working remotely

65% of respondents believe that remote work can improve work-life balance.

60% of respondents say that working at home has increased their productivity

In order to meet these goals, law firms need to make flexibility in the work environment and schedule a priority. Remote work or switching to a new hybrid model may be a good option for a modern workforce.

Law firms retain talent better with new benefits packages

Consider adjusting your company’s pay and benefits to retain your employees. You may wish to add bonuses, paid time off, or additional sick leaves to the benefits package of your employees.

Manage your law firm to retain and grow talent

Many firms in the U.S. are focusing on retaining and attracting talented associates after the Great Resignation. Firms can take advantage of this opportunity by adapting to the changing goals and values of the workforce.

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