How has the delivery of legal services changed in light of post-pandemic life?

The pandemic’s remote delivery of legal services has changed clients’ expectations about interacting with their lawyers. Virtual legal service delivery has become a standard for clients who are used to its increased speed, convenience, and 24/7 access. You can set yourself apart from the competition as we enter the post-pandemic phase, and the world is changing again.

The pandemic affected legal service delivery.

The COVID lockdowns and the firms’ safety concerns forced law firms to close their offices temporarily. They now rely instead on virtual connections. Meetings with clients and collaboration within the firm previously conducted in person became virtual. Instead of visiting the firm, clients read and signed documents on their mobile devices.

Many of the changes were welcomed by clients, as they saved them time and increased their flexibility. Some of the most popular changes included:

Self-service delivery is on the rise

Before COVID shut down, self-service was a popular trend for clients of law firms. This trend accelerated after the shutdowns. Many clients expect to find the answers to their legal questions themselves. You could call it the Googleification of legal services. The clients also want to know their matters’ status without contacting their lawyers and incurring possible charges.

Mobile devices accelerated legal service delivery.

Another trend, which was already in place but gained momentum during the pandemic, is using mobile phones to access legal services and information. The convenience of being able to attend to legal matters anywhere and at any time is appreciated by clients. Clients can get the answers they need immediately by directly contacting the information. This eliminates the delay of emailing back and forth or being charged for phone calls or consultations.

Clients use their mobile devices to access everyday services, from ordering food to paying bills. Legal services are now being added to that mix. The pandemic office closings have exposed more clients to this convenience. After the pandemic, law firms learned lessons on client service delivery, and clients want to stay in the old ways.

Information sources that affect the service delivery model

The clients are using more sources of information. The lawyer is one of many people who can provide information and support to the client. Intelligent firms have created teams of professionals with complementary skills who can offer more excellent value to clients. Members of the team who come from different disciplines, such as project management, technology, and finance, bring with them new perspectives, knowledge, and innovative ways to solve problems.

Delivering legal services to meet client expectations after a pandemic

One consequence of law firms shutting down their physical offices to deliver their services online exclusively was that delivery times became much faster. The clients became accustomed to this level of service and expected it to continue. The extraordinary measures taken to combat the pandemic are not sustainable.

Technology provides a solution. You can quickly meet your client’s expectations of accessing information and legal services remotely with client portal software. A client-engagement platform such as HighQ allows your law firm to provide a wide range of services while maintaining high client satisfaction.

Client engagement platforms provide a personalized service with separate secure portals for each client. The platform allows clients to access billing information, matter updates, documents, and files at the same speed and convenience they have expected since the pandemic. It is easy for clients and firm members to communicate through this platform, which increases their feeling of engagement.

Platforms make it easier for members of the firm to collaborate. The work becomes more efficient and productive, with teams becoming more effective. This results in a high-quality legal service delivered quickly to clients needing more patience.

You don’t want to lose your clients to another firm if you fail to meet their new expectations. You can offer your clients the convenience of round-the-clock accessibility, time savings, and other benefits they’ve come to rely upon.

Effectively implement your legal service delivery system

Do not let this opportunity pass you by. The pandemic’s impact on the delivery of legal services has changed clients’ expectations about how and when to access the information and services they need.

With a cutting-edge, secure client portal, you can meet these expectations and prevent your clients from leaving. You will gain their loyalty if you take the initiative to give them what they want.

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