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Motorbike Accident Claims

Motorcycles and motorcyclists get a lot of negative press because they account for such a high proportion of road fatalities. However, it’s not the mode of transport that’s the problem. The thing that causes accidents is the way that people drive their vehicles – cars, motorcycles, lorries etc.

After an accident

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycling accident of any kind then your health is the first thing that should be checked. Motorcycles offer much less protection than most other vehicles so the risk of serious injury in an accident is far higher.

Once you’ve received the necessary medical attention, if possible you should try and gather as much information as you can from anyone else involved in the accident – e.g. contact details.

The downside of being involved in a motorbike accident is the fact that there are a lot of generalisations are made about motorbikes and their riders. Consequently, you’ll have to work much harder to prove that the accident wasn’t your fault.

Legal help

If you want to make a claim then you should find yourself a specialist solicitor in this field. Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t have to be an expensive process as many reputable lawyers offer their services on a no win, no fee basis.

Making a claim

If you choose to make a compensation claim then the more information you have, the better. After the accident, you should gather the contact details of everyone involved, note down the makes and models of vehicles and take photos of the scene and any damage that’s been caused.

By presenting as much evidence as you can, you’ll make it much more difficult for any other party to dispute your claim, so you’re more likely to be compensated for your injuries.

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