Kids Claims

Being involved in an accident that’s someone else’s fault is a horrible experience. It’s inconvenient, painful and can have a real negative influence on the way your life progresses. However, there’s one thing that’s worse than being injured yourself and that’s your child being injured at the hands of someone else.

Just like anything else though, if the incident was a pure accident there’s not a lot that can be done and you have to pick up the pieces and get on with your life. But, if the injuries were caused because the other party were negligent in some way then you could be entitled to compensation.

The compensation that you receive is intended to recognise the extent of the injuries and suffering that your child has had to deal with as a result of the accident. The amount of compensation will be calculated depending on the severity of the injuries, the treatment that has been necessary, the trauma caused to the child and the upheaval that the incident has caused in your life.

Making a claim for a child

Generally, if you plan on making a personal injury claim for compensation, there’s a three year window after the accident that you can use to make your claim. However, as a child is legally unable to make a claim until they turn 18, the three year window doesn’t begin until they turn 18. However, before this time, a parent, close relative or legal guardian can make a claim on the child’s behalf.

Injury during childbirth

A lot of compensation claims that are made on a child’s behalf involve injuries that were sustained during. As this is an event that the child will never remember it’s better for parents to put in a claim as soon as they feel able, while the events are still fresh in their minds. The compensation that is claimed in these cases often covers the cost of the care that they require for the rest of their lives.

Successful claims

As with any other kind of compensation claim, in order to win your case you need to prove that the other party was negligent in their treatment of the child you’re claiming on behalf of. You must also prove that failing their duty of care was the cause of the child’s injuries and/ or their illness. Using a lawyer that is experienced in this area will give you the best chance of success as they’ll be able to put together a strong case on your behalf which will enable the child to live the rest of their life as fully as possible.

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