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How much compensation could I possibly be getting?

It is the case when one is calculating possible amounts of compensation you may be rightfully entitled too, that there are a lot of varying aspects that should be considered and considered carefully from the outset.

Certainly, the type of accident that has occurred, the full extent of the injuries that have occurred and possibly how long that physical and emotional injury have occurred for, are all matters that and are very important to look at from the outset of any claim. Indeed financial losses that have occurred could be the treatment cost of your injuries that is needed by you, in addition rehabilitation can be very, very costly.

The loss of wages and possibly from days off work, pain, loss of amenity and of course your suffering. We consider your emotional distress to be very important factor to consider, this as well as obvious physical losses are all ultra important matters which must be considered being considered in any possible claim as well any losses of physical properties.

We can make approximations or guidelines for each of the following injuries to then act as a guide to help you settle in your mind what you could be entitled to in any possible claim.

Compensation amounts always vary from one person to the next and the amount you receive is dependent on many differing factors, even for similar type injuries.

When you have initially spoken to us we will be able then to refer you to one of our panel Solicitors who will then give you an accurate figure in line with the injuries you have described from their knowledge of your circumstances and the law.

Once we’ve put you in touch with a personal injury solicitor they will be able to give you a clearer idea of what you might get if you win your claim.

How much compensation could I possibly be getting?

Claim for – Head Injury
For very severe brain damages around or to: £258,000
Moderate to severe brain injury: £185,000
For Epilepsy conditions: £97,000
Minor damage to the brain: £26,000
Complete loss of sight in one eye: £27,000 – £30,000

Claim for Ear Injury – Approximations
Total Deafness: £75,000
For the loss of hearing in one of your ears: £30,000
Claim for Partial hearing loss or /severe tinnitus: £30,000
For Partial hearing loss/or in case of moderate tinnitus: £30,000
Mild tinnitus: £9
Hearing loss (minor to severe) from: £4,000 – £26,000

Claim for Neck Injury
Where there is Soft tissue damage and possible tendon rupture leading to a possible permanent disability: up to £35,000
Severe neck injury such as fractures to bones in the neck: £21,000
Whiplash (which is minor): £1,000 – up to £5,000
Whiplash (which is moderate): £4,250 – up to £14,000
Whiplash (which is severe): £13,750 – up to £82,000

An Injury to Shoulder Region
Moderate limitation of movement to the shoulder, lasting up to 2 years:
up to £8,200
Fracture of clavicle (shoulder blade): up to £8,000
Soft tissue injuries to the shoulder with up to 2 years potential recovery time: up to £5,000
Soft tissue injuries to the shoulder, under 2 years recovery: up to 3,000

Post Traumatic Stress
Post Traumatic Stress disorder: £2,000 – £55,000

Any Back Injury Claims
Serious back injury which may be resulting in a permanent disability:
up to £24,750
Strains and sprains to the back area with possibilities of recovering within
5 years: up to £8,000
Strains and sprains to the back area with possibilities of recovering within
2 years: up to £5,000

Possible Leg Injury Claim
Severe fractures to leg bones with incomplete recovery: up to £17,750
Simple fracture to the femur: up to £9,000
Simple fractures and soft tissue injuries to the legs: up to £6,000

Foot Injury Claim
Severe fractures of both individuals heels: up to £43,000
Serious foot type injuries: up to £25,000
Amputation of a big toe: up to £20,000
Low to Moderate foot injuries or simple foot metatarsal fracture types:
up to £6,150

Wrist Injury Type Claim
Severe injuries to the wrist ending in a permanent disability: up to £38,250
Less severe injuries where there is persisting pain and residual stiffness:
up to £15,750
Uncomplicated fracture to individuals wrist: up to £4,750

Arm Injury Claim
Serious fractures to the arm, resulting in a possible permanent disability:
up to £38,250
Serious fractures to the arm, leading to minor disability: up to £25,000
Minor injuries to the arm/fracture to the forearm: up to £12,250