Everything You Must Know About Broken Knee Cap Symptoms and Treatment

The kneecap is one of the most essential bones in our body. It serves as a connection between the thigh bone, the lower leg bones, and several others. When you suffer from an accident, it may cause you to sustain a broken kneecap.  You would then understand that the tiny little triangular bone is actually that vital for maintaining our posture. It is virtually impossible to be able to walk normally without the support of this bone. If it gets injured or broken, it causes you to suffer greatly in many ways.

Broken knee cap symptoms

The symptoms are not known to many.. Most people feel that they have just scraped their leg, or have fallen on it, and thus are feeling hurt. They ignore the pain and leave for home. You can always tell when you have a broken kneecap however, by gauging the amount of pain you are suffering. The pain is usually dull and extremely intense. You will not be able to move your knee even in a slightest way. Normally, when you have suffered from a serious bruise, the pain that it causes will restrict your movement. But with a broken kneecap you feel a complete disconnect. Thus, your entre leg stiffens up, and you are unable to move it at all in any direction. There is sometimes a deformed appearance, or a swelling around the knees. If you experience all these symptoms, it is best that you get an X-ray done at the earliest.

Broken knee cap treatment

Treatment is very costly. It usually has to be surgically treated. Sometimes, if the kneecap has been completely ruptured or, in case of multiple fractures, you may have to undergo extremely serious and painful surgery which is also highly expensive. You will have to take lot of medicines, and incur costs of hospitalisation, as well as the costs of paying the doctors’ fee.

There will be additional charges of X-rays, getting various kinds of additional treatment, like physiotherapy and so on. You will also lose a lot of money in the form of lost wages due to absence from work. Even as your surgery is completed, you will have to be bedridden for many days. It takes a lot of time to get over this kind of an injury. People who are in the profession of playing sports and so on suffer the most, and may even have to undergo major changes in lifestyle.


This is the reason why you must consider hiring Broken Knee Cap compensation lawyers to make a Broken Knee Cap claim. You will at least be able to get some succour or peace of mind, as you can recover all your losses.

People hire lawyers when they are sure that the accident that caused them the injury was due to somebody else’s fault. The responsible party is then held liable. If you are unsure about your case, you can just consult with some Broken Knee Cap compensation solicitors.