Lawyers and Solicitors for Assault Compensation in UK

The latest crime statistics in UK show that the number of assault cases has risen.

Assault injury

Some assault cases are directed at a particular person for various motives – like racism, rape, molestation, and so on. These cases are much more severe, and tend to cause the victim to sustain severe assault injuries. Apart from physical injuries, the victims also go through a lot of emotional trauma.

They need professional psychological care to assist them getting through the distress they have suffered as a result. Domestic violence is among the worst cases of assault. Since the victims are alone and helpless, the criminals seize their sadistic opportunity, and inflict a lot of damage on the victim.

The victim gets severely injured, sometimes even needing surgery. Their minds get broken due to the violation of trust.

If you have been the victim of assault injuries, you are eligible for assault compensation. You will be able to receive benefits to cover for your medical expenses and psychological treatment through assault claims. But you will need to prove that your condition was caused due to assault injuries.

The claims can be made to the CICA – the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority. It is a government organisation that provides financial assistance to people who have been victims of violent crimes. When you make your claim, they will send an officer who will investigate all the relevant documents, and will question witnesses. Based on the report made by this officer, the CICA will send you a compensation amount that they deem fit.

Other assault cases

Sometimes people even get assaulted in the most unexpected of places. People get assaulted by angry colleagues who in a fit of rage, turn to violence. Bar room brawls too result in serious injuries at times. Even in such cases, you can claim compensation because you have been assaulted in public, and have sustained injuries.

You can hire assault lawyers to fight for your case. These lawyers have a lot of experience in criminal law, and know what to expect. They will warn you in advance, and will help you in gathering relevant evidence.

They will also help you file the necessary documents required to make your case stronger. In case you are unsure about filing claims, you can seek advice from assault solicitors.