Are legal clients concerned about the technology you use?

While many things have changed in the last few years, one thing has remained constant: legal clients expect exceptional services. Firms that meet this expectation could retain their clients. In a blog post from 2020, we highlighted three things that clients expect from their legal firms: knowledge sharing, timely advice, and efficient and effective services.

Delivering service that meets client expectations in a connected world is becoming increasingly challenging. The reality is that today’s digitally-savvy clients care about the technology they use, as this determines the quality of their experience. The technology you use can impact four aspects of your legal client experience.


You are working hard on the client’s case, but they still want access to the most recent updates. It could be more efficient to keep calling or sending messages multiple times to get an update. It will save you valuable time and enable deeper conversations with your client.

Client portals can provide legal clients 24/7 access to the information they need quickly and easily. This removes any friction between the parties and makes your client feel valued.


Without the client knowing, efficiency can be improved by working behind the scenes to increase the client’s experience. Automating and simplifying workflows can transform time-consuming, repetitive tasks into intelligent, automated processes.

Not only will it make your job easier and more productive, but it will also help your clients. Technology that speeds up the completion of complex tasks allows you to spend more time on the things that matter to your client.


Security is a critical element of delivering exceptional client service due to the sensitive nature of many of the data that law firms have access to and the growing concern about the security of personal information. Because a data breach can cause irreparable damage to the client-lawyer relationship, law firms must be able to assure their clients that their information will not be compromised.

Technology plays a crucial role in maintaining trust. Secure file-sharing tools, for example, not only make document sharing more straightforward, but they also keep control of sensitive documents. Virtual data rooms allow for a secure and fast exchange of files.


Communication is the cornerstone of any relationship. Attorney-client relationships are no exception. Happy clients are the foundation of a successful law firm. This, in turn, depends on effective collaboration. Communication problems can be very frustrating, especially when dealing with a sensitive legal matter.

The lines between work and life have blurred in an ever-connected digital world. Clients expect to be able to communicate with their lawyers outside of traditional hours. The right tech solution can help you achieve client satisfaction by ensuring effective communication and time protection.

Your firm can use a unified social collaboration tool to communicate, collaborate and share documents with clients. Having one place where everyone can find answers to their questions can help avoid future headaches.

All legal clients’ trust is everything.

A law firm’s foundation is its clients. Keeping clients happy is critical to growing and retaining them and ensuring they are satisfied. The technology tools that you use today are crucial for legal clients who are increasingly connected and digitally driven than ever before. You can make a massive leap towards ensuring your client’s success by providing technology solutions that provide an extraordinary experience.

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